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A Little to the Left LLC is a socially conscious, San Diego-based greeting card company started by Sandi Timberlake, the proud mother of a gay son.

After 15 years of griping about the dearth of greeting cards that are available for her to send her son and son-in-law for their anniversaries and holidays, she decided to create her own company that will offer tasteful and elegant greeting cards for the friends and family of the gay community.

“My wish is to bring the gay community and the straight community into one community of people. We all have events in our lives that we want to celebrate with our friends and families, and our sexual preference should make no difference in these matters. I want to be able to send an anniversary card to my son and son-in-law that is more than an image of two turtles looking at each other and no sentiment inside. Why should the gay community be separated from the rest of society in even such a small element of life as this? And why should their mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends have to be separated as well?

I hope that some day my cards will appear in stores everywhere so that anyone can easily find them and give them out to their gay friends and family members. I want them to be so lovely, so simple, and so subtle that you pick them up because they are beautiful and notice later that it is a card with two women on the front or two men. It should be that simple.” --Sandi Timberlake

Those interested in becoming an Approved Reseller of A Little To The Left greeting cards, please contact Sandi directly to make the appropriate arrangements.

A Little To The Left LLC
1212 River Glen Row #101
San Diego, CA 92111
phone: (619) 723-4744
fax: (858) 330-4792


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